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It is not the difference to other tools that matters. The main point is that Tuqqi takes all the enterprise tools and puts them all together in one place. Thereby, employees have all the knowledge they need to know in one place.

How does Tuqqi differ from

my other organization tools?

Tuqqi is conceived to be used by any type of business, from the smallest startup to a multinational company. It does not matter on what industry the business is working, this system/technology combines all their business functions into one tool that’s available anywhere.

Is this solution thought

for a specific industry?

Tuqqi is connecting to my organization working tools?

Sure, with Tuqqi you are able to have all the apps integrated into one place. This goes from calendar up to connected CRM app, complex workflows, emails and more. Tuqqi connects with your favorite professional tools and browsers so that you don't have to change your existing workflows.

There is a news feed with all the information that Tuqqi considers that matters to your work. This includes the documents you upload, the items that other users upload and comment, and all the relevant information that helps you to increase your daily productivity.

How can I, as a user, find the things

that are relevant for me inside Tuqqi?

With Tuqqi you can control your project in a kanban view, to keep track of the progress and quickly update others with a relevant activity. You can also easily assign tasks inside the projects and keep track of your to-dos and let others know their responsibilities to complete projects faster than ever. 

How does Tuqqi help on Project management issues/tasks?

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