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Welcome to the Future of Work. Tuqqi is your new virtual working space tailored to your organization to help you work better, collaborate with ease, and deliver remarkable results.

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The future of work is officially here

Tuqqi is the all-in-one platform you can embrace seamlessly. With our solution, your team can:

Manage tasks & projects
Share knowledge with everyone
Get the best CRM solution
Sync with a live feed
Chat with your teams
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Our process

This is how we do it ... at no extra charge!



First, we need to get to know you as a business.  By familiarizing ourselves with your goals, obstacles, and unique circumstances, we’ll be able to understand what we need to do to help you.

>> 1-2 hours



We’re ready to turn our business management solutions into YOUR next secret weapon. We’ll completely tailor our all-in-one digital workspace to suit your unique needs.

>> 1-2 days


Personal support

Our success team gives you complete, step-by-step guidance to reach your goals with Tuqqi.
We give you service and support whenever you need us.

>> Lifetime

Customer stories

We’ve Been Helping Businesses Just Like Yours.

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"Tuqqi's success team are like my personal trainers. Everything is tailored to my needs"

Any platform is like a gym membership, but with Tuqqi I also get a personal trainer included...

Idan Finkelstein
Managing Partner, Athos Investments

"Tuqqi enables us to increase our sales capabilities"

The combination of  enterprise with Tuqqi significantly increases the salesperson’s ability to reach every customer...

Guy Haimovich
VP Sales, Israbeton of Ashtrom

"Internal workflows became easy and intuitive, we are now more focused then ever in our goals"

Tuqqi transformed the organizational working culture at The Association for LGBT...

Ran Shalhavi
VP Operation, LGBT

"Our team's alignment has improved tremendously"

Our team easily adapted because the Tuqqi tools were so easy to use...

Monica Boschetti
General Operations Director, Kobber Foods

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers! If you can’t find the answer to your question below, then reach out to our team of professional web developers today for more information.

Is Tuqqi available on mobile devices?

Yes, absolutely. Our Tuqqi app is supported on all mobile devices, including iOS and Android. This allows you to access your all-in-one digital workspace from anywhere, at any time, whether you're in the office or on-the-go. Stay connected with your team and get work done more efficiently, no matter where you are.

How does Tuqqi ensure the security of its platform?

We take the security of our all-in-one digital workspace very seriously, and have implemented various measures to ensure its safety at all times. These measures include: Exclusively running on ISO 27001 cloud services, which is a widely recognized international standard for information security management. Using Auth 2.0 authentication models, which provide a secure method for granting access to our platform. Following best cloud security practices in everything we do as a team. For more information, please refer to our data privacy policy, which outlines our commitment to keeping your data safe and secure.

What are the costs of the Tuqqi platform?

The costs vary depending on the size of the organization, the specific features used, and any connectors to professional apps that may be required. During our initial meeting, our team will provide you with a fixed offering that includes all necessary features, the number of employees, and the implementation process, tailored to your organization's needs.

What sets Tuqqi apart from its competitors?

We focus on serving non-tech-savvy organizations, which gives us a unique understanding of this market. Here are three reasons why we stand out: Firstly, our platform combines tasks/projects, knowledge, chat, and CRM into one convenient application. Secondly, we offer implementation services alongside our product, ensuring smooth and hassle-free platform adoption. Lastly, our platform is fully multilingual, making it accessible to a wider range of users globally.

Is Tuqqi compatible with other systems?

Absolutely! Our platform includes connectors to emails, SMS, ERPs, marketing and accounting platforms. Additionally, we provide an open API that allows for seamless integration with any other customized platform. Furthermore, we offer a Zapier app that enables you to connect with even more tools.

Do you provide training?

Absolutely. Our dedicated team will collaborate with your managers to fully customize the training program for your employees. In addition, a comprehensive how-to guide is readily available as soon as you start up the platform, enabling you and your team to quickly learn how to use it in just a few minutes. If you require further assistance, don't hesitate to visit our knowledge center for more information.