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Welcome to the Future of Work. Tuqqi is your new virtual working space tailored to your organization to help you work better, collaborate with ease, and deliver remarkable results.

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The future of work is officially here

Tuqqi is the all-in-one platform you can embrace seamlessly. With our solution, your team can:

Manage tasks & projects
Share knowledge with everyone
Get the best CRM solution
Sync with a live feed
Chat with your teams
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Our process

This is how we do it ... at no extra charge!



First, we need to get to know you as a business.  By familiarizing ourselves with your goals, obstacles, and unique circumstances, we’ll be able to understand what we need to do to help you.

>> 1-2 hours



We’re ready to turn our business management solutions into YOUR next secret weapon. We’ll completely tailor our all-in-one digital workspace to suit your unique needs.

>> 1-2 days


Personal support

Our success team gives you complete, step-by-step guidance to reach your goals with Tuqqi.
We give you service and support whenever you need us.

>> Lifetime

Customer stories

We’ve Been Helping Businesses Just Like Yours.

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"Tuqqi's success team are like my personal trainers. Everything is tailored to my needs"

Any platform is like a gym membership, but with Tuqqi I also get a personal trainer included...

Idan Finkelstein
Managing Partner, Athos Investments

"Tuqqi enables us to increase our sales capabilities"

The combination of  enterprise with Tuqqi significantly increases the salesperson’s ability to reach every customer...

Guy Haimovich
VP Sales, Israbeton of Ashtrom

"Internal workflows became easy and intuitive, we are now more focused then ever in our goals"

Tuqqi transformed the organizational working culture at The Association for LGBT...

Ran Shalhavi
VP Operation, LGBT

"Our team's alignment has improved tremendously"

Our team easily adapted because the Tuqqi tools were so easy to use...

Monica Boschetti
General Operations Director, Kobber Foods

Do You Have Questions?

We’ve got the answers! If you can’t find the answer to your question below, then reach out to our team of professional web developers today for more information.

How Is Tuqqi Different from All the Rest?

Unlike other platforms, our main focus isn’t a conversation, but rather a combination of project insights, task management, and communication. We’re pretty similar – but with us, you get more! Just like other platforms, we’re streamlining your workflows by organizing your data and information in one place.

How Much Does It Cost to Setup Tuqqi?

Nothing at all! Our set-up process is completely free – and so are all of our updates. Setting up Tuqqi is simple, straightforward, and can be done from anywhere in the world thanks to our free training guides.

Is Tuqqi Safe to Use?

Absolutely. Our all-in-one digital workspace is 100% secure, 100% of the time. We bolster our cybersecurity by exclusively running on ISO 27001 cloud services, using Auth 2.0 authentication models and ensuring best cloud security practices in every single thing we do as a team. We won’t sell your data, we won’t give anyone else access, and we won’t hide things in small print. Check out our data privacy policy here for more information.

Can Tuqqi Be Used with Other Systems?

That it can, folks. Tuqqi uses an open API that can quickly and easily be integrated into any other API-enabled platform. If you’re still not entirely convinced, reach out to our team of professional web developers now for more information.

Does Tuqqi Require Extensive Training?

Training? Yes. Extensive? No. Our business management solution is so simple that you’ll be able to learn how to use it all on your own. Our platform’s comprehensive how-to guide is available as soon as you start up, so you and your team can learn how to use it in minutes. If you still have questions, feel free to pay our knowledge center a visit.

Does Tuqqi Have a Mobile App?

Yes, and you can download it today. We also have an app called Tuqqi Talk that you can use for direct messaging.