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"Tuqqi means a lot to me. It was my first approach to a startup environment and I had a great impression. People is their best asset, they are amazing and always moving forward. I would encourage anyone looking for a startup to do an internship in Tuqqi."
Vanina Kravsoff
27, Argentina, B.A. Business and Technology
"Tuqqi for me was family. Being in Israel, in a new culture and a new language, I found in Tuqqi a great place to work, full of gorgeous people and willing everyday to work as hard as possible to go furtherI learned how does a Start Up works in Israel, and how to make a Start Up grow."
Sebastian Vekselman
27, Argentina, Industrial Engineer
"Tuqqi is an amazing place to work, the environment is very friendly, the people are always willing to help you.This experience was amazing for me in many ways, I learned a lot of things, could face my challenges, met incredible people, and felt part of the Tuqqi's family. I could find my real passion working in the marketing division."
Tobias Ayzenberg
27, Argentina, B.A. Business Administration
"Living and studying in Israel for only 4 months, Working in Tuqqi have been an incredible opportunity in order to understand how is the workplace in Israel and also how a startup work and what should it does to grow.I was very well received for all the group and they helped and taught me a lot. This internship helped me to clarify the areas of working and now i fell much more prepared to decide which path i want to follow"
Daniel Herszenhaut
20, Brazil, Student

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