The basics

of productivity​

Everything you need to automate
your organizational productivity  

4 magic features

Push knowledge to employees at the right place and the right time

Push notification before meetings with a report about the things you need to know​

Live feed with up to date knowledge to optimize employee's productivity​

Push reports to employees based on tasks assigned to them from any platform

"With Tuqqi we entered a new era, where knowledge is being pushed to us, instead of pulling it."

Get knowledge from employees minds with gamification of knowledge

Reward employees with points for sharing knowledge and more point when others view it

Organizational scoreboard to measure who is helping others and how

Campaigns with prizes inside the platform to encourage people to share

"With Tuqqi we see people share more than ever, getting more knowledge out there helps us closing gaps everday"

Finding experts for your upcoming tasks to work faster & together towards a mutual vision

Search for anything and get the relevant experts in your organization 

Ask questions and let the platform find someone that knows the answer

Instant message to close the gap between what you are looking for and what they know

"Experts is an amazing feature, connecting people is exactly what we need to get the next task faster than ever"

Add any type of knowledge to the system

with just one click from mobile & web apps

Built-in template for customers, user stories, marketing plan, password, contacts and more

Custom templates to add any type of knowledge template for any organization

Permissions levels to share only the knowledge that you want with specific people

"When you have a pre-made template for any type of knowledge, it's easy to share with others, and easier for them to understand"

Have a cool idea for a feature?

We want to hear about it...

And a lot more

Customers Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your customers, get insights about your business, predict customer behavior, and don't lose sight of your customers.

Customer card

One card for a customer with all the relevant details. Customize how your customer card will look like, and assign permissions to access it.


Manage all your contacts in one place, share contacts between employees and assign multiple contacts to customers.


Access all the customer activity from the customer card, make sure that employees are up to date with the customer activity.

Integrate any system 

Using the Tuqqi API, integrate any system to insert data about your customer's activities, and acquire new customers automatically. 

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