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All the features that you need to run your business seamlessly

Live feed

An active feed keeps everyone connected

tuqqi’s feed empowers every employee to make the right decisions. It keeps everyone connected to what matters most — without wasting time on emails and meetings.

Personal Updates
Easy Sharing
Live Updates
Pinned Posts

Manage each workflow in a customized group.

Work in Groups of employees. Groups can be open or closed. Build groups to share knowledge, keep track of projects or just launch new initiatives.

Group Feed
Project Tracking
Closed or Open
Kanban View

The most ideal task management view

Inside Groups, you can easily manage your projects and initiatives in a simple Kanban view.

Assign members
Automatic rules
Update status
Label tasks
Read & Confirm

Make sure others do not miss info

Easily keep track of knowledge distribution amongst your employees. The posts you will mark as "confirm read" will appear on the top of the feed. You can choose who needs to confirm, and with a small dashboard, keep track or remind them.

Admin Panel

Get full control over team productivity

The admin section of the platform gives you full control over your team. You can monitor activity reports, add more employees, manage automatic tagging and much more.

Manage integration
Chat & Video Calls

All communications within one platform

Tuqqi's chat feature, AKA Tuqqi Talk, is built to focus discussions on the things that matter. Each chat session is a thread on a specific document, task, or post sharing. You can chat via text or even a video conference call.

Chat App
Delete messages
Video Calls in a click
Thread based
Our Support Team

We’re An Extension Of Your Team

Our dedicated group of industry experts want to join and support you on your journey towards the future of work. We provide your business with seamless assimilation and endless support.Instead of charging you a fortune for the future, our team is giving it away for free!

 Lets talk

Create team and project calendars

Control team and project timelines. Assign a start and end date to every task, drag and drop to assign tasks, and get a full overview of your team’s collaboration throughout the project.

Start & end dates
Resource Management
Drag & Drop

Manage your business wisely

Get a full understanding of your organization. Dive into detailed reports view to see the activity of each user, including comparison reports and analytics within the platform. Dashboards are available for the whole organization and or each group.

Activity Report
Discussion Analytics
Time Tracking Reports
Map View
Custom Forms

Full control over information according to custom needs

When we want to enforce a specific format for knowledge sharing, tasks, or customer profiles, Tuqqi has custom forms. You can customize any form structure with multiple types of fields and options.

Fully customized
Attach other docs
Embed files
Design ready