About Us

"We created Tuqqi because we love organizing things. The pain of wasting time, inefficiency, and lack of productivity has become our life goal. Work is what we do to live our lives. Organizations should help employees focus on what they do best, so we will all live better and healthier lives. Join us in our journey to the future of work."

About Tuqqi

The dream builders

We created Tuqqi because we love organizing things. Each of  us has worked at various companies before joining Tuqqi, and there was the pain of wasting time on what we knew we could do better not only for ourselves but the way everyone works. Join the Tuqqi journey to experience how you can do things differently too.

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Our Team

Ido Horowitz
Co-Founder & CEO
Anatoliy Sveshnikov
Co-Founder & CTO
Eran Schechtman
Yiftach Jacob
Shai Hod
Yaniv Rogovsky
VP BizDev
Carolina Esses
Head of Product
Alon Shlomo
Head of Sales
Avishai Atias
Head of Customer Success
Our Mission

We started with a single mission: Help Businesses grow better

Our dedicated team wants to help you and your employees embrace the future of work in the easiest, most seamless way possible. Why? Because your success is our success.