Earn up to 50% Recurring Revenue for Every Referral

Looking to grow your business and earn extra income (without a whole side hustle)? You can earn up to 50% of the recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to Tuqqi.

How it works?

  • 1. Apply to be a Tuqqi Ambassador

    Apply today to our exclusive ambassador program. Set a meeting with our team, and sign the official agreement.

  • 2. Send to Tuqqi potential customers

    Using the Tuqqi guide find potential customers within your network, and make the introduction to the Tuqqi team.

  • 3. Let us close the deal

    The Tuqqi team will work on finding the best solution to your referred customer.

  • 4. Get paid for your referral

    For each new customer joining Tuqqi, you will get paid according to the details of the deal.

What Makes You
the Ideal Ambassador?

This ambassador's program is designed for innovators & influencers in their industry.  Everyone is welcome to apply, but these are the qualities that’ll help you succeed.
You are an expert in your industry

Show off your industry expertise by referring Tuqqi to clients. You’ll be able to generate new leads and open up a whole new revenue stream for your business.

You are excited about tech

Spread the word about how you believe Tuqqi can improve businesses in your industry, and become a leader of technology in your industry.

You have a strong network of SMBs

Have a wide range of SMB customers?? How about a strong network on social media? Get them onboard the future of work with Tuqqi.

Apply to be an Ambassador

Earn up to 50% from referred leads

Here is how much
you can earn

Get started with a passive income. Be an ambassador and start cashing money every single month.

*Based on the Tuqqi Accelerate Monthly Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected a few questions to help you better understand Tuqqi