The beating heart of every organization

The theory is simple. If your organizational heart beats together with all four modules, your organization will be healthy as a strong and dynamic human being.

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Is your organization ready for the digital future of work?

The digital future of work is here. Learn how organizations that adapt to decentralization and flowing information are going to come out ahead.

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Productivity Software for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is here and the organizations that use this opportunity to optimize will flourish. Learn how Tuqqi designed their productivity software to meet evolving needs and ensure seamless information flows.

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Tuqqi to be featured in GSC2020

+3,000 Startups applied to the competition, +250 Startups will get the chance to pitch, +300 Investors & corporations will participate.

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5 Benefits of Project Management Software

Project management tools should make the workday easier. These are key features to look for when you’re looking to invest in software that will optimize office workflows.

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Internal Communications Software: Safe Emailing and Messaging

We’ve used email at work for over 20 years. Have we taken time to question the security and efficiency of this tool? Here is a deeper look at why Tuqqi said goodbye to internal email and designed a product that fits in the industry 4.0 model.

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