Let's do it together, Partner.


A partner plan built for mutual success

Being a Tuqqi partner means that you are part of the team. Your success is our success. Our aim is to make sure that we both achieve shared goals. Our dedicated partner team is eager to connect with experts from around the globe

Scale to the top

  • Certified Partner

    The first level of partnership. Certified Partners work closely with the Tuqqi team to build the market engagement with the current industry and buyers. Starting benefits are available

  • Silver Partner

    As a Silver Partner, you already hold sufficient experience and knowledge on Tuqqi’s system to lead business processes on your own. The Silver Partners enjoy all the benefits of the Certificate Partner with additional perks

  • Gold Partner

    As a preferred Gold Partner, you’ll keep growing your business with stronger engagement that includes advanced support, more collaboration with our product team and increased referral fees

  • Premium Partner

    At the highest committed level of partnership, the Premium Partners are accredited partners with validated skills that are developed through a wealth of enablement resources. Premium Partners get all the benefits above including additional financial incentives

The Partners Plan
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"We at Velg help our customers to modernize their workspace and bring them with the top of the professional cloud solutions.
Join the ride with Tuqqi and be part of our partner's community."
Piotr Komorowski
CEO, Velg Group
"As B2B management consultancy firm. As an official Tuqqi's partners, we help companies of all sizes and in all types of markets to map, digitalize, and optimize their business workflows and processes."
André Ludes
CEO, Salesforge Mobile
"We find Tuqqi’s approach a brilliant way to escalate business. Our mission is to help them simplify work using the platform and help enter many organizations into the new era of virtual working spaces."
Pablo Molinengo
CEO, Tasting VDU SA

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