Case Study: New organizational order at the Aguda – Israel's LGBT Task Force

Dramatically decreasing inquiry response time, controlling ongoing information, taking recruitment to the next level, and staying in touch with hundreds of volunteers: this is how Tuqqi transformed the organizational working culture at The Association for Israel's LGBT Task Force. Get all the details and more - in the company case study below.

Dramatically decreasing inquiry response time, controlling ongoing information, taking recruitment to the next level, and staying in touch with hundreds of volunteers: this is how Tuqqi transformed the organizational working culture at The Association for Israel's LGBT Task Force. Get all the details and more - in the company case study below.

Link to the Hebrew article published on The Marker.

Avishai Atias, Account Executive (Standing); Ran Shalhavi, VP Operations - The Aguda

With over 5,000 inquiries per year, including sensitive topics requiring urgent legal, social or mental assistance, a team of over 300 volunteers and 20 permanent employees- The Association for Israel's LGBT Task Force leads the coalition of the LGBT organizations in the country. The VP of Development Ran Shelhavi describes it as, “The carpenter who builds the working table on which all the organizations work and make strategic decisions.” At the end of 2019 Shelhavi was searching for a CRM system. He had a relatively modest goal: creating a more efficient way to respond to the needs of the community. Then he found Tuqqi, an AI and machine learning-based digital work platform that incorporates data management, processes, projects, and communications in one place. Shelhavi knew it time to lead The Association for Israel's LGBT Task Force into the Future of Work era. 

The Challenge          

Likely every employee or business owner around the world is familiar with this phenomena: too many tools and systems make it difficult to monitor progress. This leads to endless back and forth correspondences that add more and more people into the loop, causing tasks to fall through the cracks. When your people bounce between WhatsApp, email, Dropbox Google Drive, the project management system, and the CRM - a lot of precious time is wasted.

The ability to focus the conversations so that everyone is aligned requires presenting information in segments tiered by urgency. This system supports every link in the chain with the right information. Simple tasks can be carried out in less time and it makes for a friendly and flexible working environment. It’s also an ecosystem that’s optimal in terms of UE and data security whether at the office or on the go. Cultivating such an environment is a challenge. It calls for creating a drastic change in procedures and the organizational culture.

In the case of the Israel's LGBT Task Force, the known working challenges were with special constraints unique to the organization. There was the need for a timely response to every inquiry received whether on the website or the call center. Querents also needed automatic redirection to the right place plus a confidentiality verification for the staff member handling the ticket. 

The Founders: Anatoliy Sveshnikov, CTO (Left); Ido Hurvits, CEO

The Solution

Tuqqi will feel intuitive and there’s a good reason for that. It was designed as a social network with additions for the overall management of the workflow process, data preservation, and efficient communication. It has a profile for each user, events, comments to focus the discussion, task statuses, and dashboards updating each employee personally about what is happening in the organization. 

“The product is built using an innovative technology that connects all the information and activity into an “All in One” database,” explains Avishai Atias, the Operations Manager at Tuqqi. Atias explains that this feature was created two years ago with the support of the iArgento foundation. “The system has an intuitive and innovative interface. The information is adapted to each employee and updates live on their dashboard. Enabling easy data retrieval from the entire organizational database is made possible with the advanced search engine.”

The collaboration between The Association for Israel's LGBT Task Force and Tuqqi continued on. Tuqqi was their right hand during the implementation. They facilitated opening workshops and intense training. This enabled the key players to pass knowledge to others while maximizing the features and adapting the system to their needs. As for the challenge of confidentiality, Tuqqi’s team created user permissions to ensure that the organization’s members had access to only the information they needed.

To handle the inquiries more effectively, leaders created templates. They were designed as forms with predefined fields including multiple choice Q&A, including the inquirer information, type of inquiry, and the content itself. In order to direct the inquiries to the right place, the original goal, the system interfaced with the organization’s website. This made it fairly easy to identify and automatically sort the inquiries in terms of the type of treatment (legal, social, psychological) or topic (bullying or donor support.)

To stay on top of tasks, users head to the dashboard’s feed. It operates similar to Facebook, using an algorithm that prioritizes information that’s aligned with general interest or assigned tasks. For the ongoing work, it is more convenient to move to a display that organizes the feed by dividing it into kanban-style pillars. A special feature summarizes key information for each user. There is a designated area on the website or app that pushes out notifications when task statuses change. 

The result

Over the first nine months since The Association for Israel's LGBT Task Force implemented Tuqqi’s system, it has received, directed, and treated hundreds of inquiries automatically. From the organization data, it shows that thanks to Tuqqi, the average time for an inquiry to receive the first response has been reduced to half, from 48 hours to 24.

The organization was equipped with tools beyond the CRM it was looking for. The activity in the organization optimized when they switched to Tuqqi. 

“It generated very significant processes for us”, says Ran Shelhavi. “The ability to communicate in one place, build a task board of the entire organization, control all the information, accumulate the know-how, organize everything and see the overall picture - we never had that made so efficiently before”. The staff goes into the system a few times a day, gets updated through it, manages their tasks, and responds to others. It even enables the professionalization of recruitment and employee and volunteer training, from sending CVs all the way to the end of the onboarding period.”

Shelhavi emphasizes the simplicity of the system, which enabled a much shorter implementation time as opposed to the other working tools. Another benefit is the efficiency of the processes themselves: “Since we started using Tuqqi, the number of the different team meetings for us decreased by 30%, since in any case everything is managed in the same place and everyone remains synchronized, exposed to the processes and the tasks and run the entire communication in an organized way through the system”. According to him, the communication with the employees has also significantly improved, as all the information flows to them in a focused way instead of being spread over dozens of emails and text messages.

All that was enhanced during the Coronavirus times: “ We managed to maintain a very high productivity level while keeping everyone at the same workplace even without physically being in the same office, not to mention managing the volunteers and the relations with the donors and suppliers.”

“The bottom line,” says the VP of development, “ is that using Tuqqi, which works with chosen organizations in Israel and dozens of other countries, has made the organization much more professional in building focus working procedures, documenting and managing information, and helps organizations enter the world of the Future of Work.”

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