Internal Communications Software: Safe Emailing and Messaging

We’ve used email at work for over 20 years. Have we taken time to question the security and efficiency of this tool? Here is a deeper look at why Tuqqi said goodbye to internal email and designed a product that fits in the industry 4.0 model.

Internal Communications Software: Safe Emailing and Messaging

We’re living in the era of communication overload. Regardless of the business we’re in, we have to check hundreds of emails, social media messages, calendar updates, and meeting invitations every day.

Unfortunately, not only does it become hectic, but also it’s not secure.

Yes, you heard it right. Though email security has greatly improved since its inception, transmitting crucial information through it is still not safe.

As per the report of KrebsonSecurity, around 3,000 US organizations had to suffer email hacking due to security issues with Microsoft’s Exchange Server in March 2021. 

A Chinese hacking group had taken control over thousands of Microsoft exchange servers. This is not a single case where leading organizations had to witness failure in providing corporate email security.

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report exposes that around 94% of malware attacks happen through email.

So, what's the solution?

Is there a better internal communication software that can provide safe yet effective communication solutions for the workplace?

Yes, there is. We'll discuss it later on; first, let's discuss why businesses should avoid email platforms for internal communication.

Why Traditional Email Platforms Are Not Ideal for Internal Communications

It’s a bitter truth that our traditional email platforms are not the best choice to communicate within an organization. Not only do they lack immediateness, but also they are not nearly secure enough.

Let’s take a look at some recent email hacks.

COMB Data Leak

In February 2021, COMB (Compilation of Many Breaches) was leaked on a hacking forum. It contains around 3.2 billion emails and passwords from LinkedIn, Exploit, Bitcoin, and Netflix. It’s a more drastic hacking incident than COMB in 2017 that affected 1.4 billion credentials. 

MobiFriends Data Breach

The renowned online dating app, MobiFriends encountered a data breach on May 11, 2020. Thousands of email addresses and mobile numbers were compromised.

Besides security, there are plenty of other reasons you should prefer internal communication software over email. These include:

  • Most email platforms don’t provide rich media, restricting you from expressing yourself in a better way. There are no emojis, or gifs and adding images takes extra steps. 
  • Millennials nowadays look for ongoing feedback, which is time-consuming over email. 
  • With aggressive spam filters, you can’t be sure that all of your emails are getting where they should.

Benefits of Internal Communication Software for Businesses/Organizations


Today, it’s crucial that you streamline your workflow and impose an effective internal communication system. When you choose a single integrated internal communication platform, your employees don’t spend time toggling between different screens. Each user receives a live feed as per their tasks and schedule.

Modern internal communication platforms support video call, chat, and text features for better communication. Moreover, each communication session is a thread on a specific task.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Internal communication software not only becomes an effective communication tool in the workplace but also improves operational efficiency. Employees can access company information more quickly and efficiently, and securely from anywhere. 

On the other hand, businesses can rest assured that their employees are up-to-date with relevant information.

Important Security

The best thing is, internal communication software systems are highly secured. Therefore, your intellectual property and confidential business discussions never fall into the wrong hands. 

You can choose what information each user can access by giving permissions from the admin side.

Why Choose Tuqqi Talk for Internal Communication?

Tuqqi is a productivity software suite that improves workflows and makes internal communication safe and easy. It’s a virtual workspace that enables businesses to stay organized and productive by collaborating with their team and consultants.

Business owners and managers can see how employees are handling their daily workflow through one centralized dashboard. This function also allows them to spot inefficiencies so the team is constantly improving. 

Tuqqi saves the frustration of accessing multiple platforms for work collaboration and interaction. Moreover, it's highly secure because it operates in the cloud. No one can (except for people you give access to) access your information.

To know more about Tuqqi, contact our experts.

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