The beating heart of every organization

The theory is simple. If your organizational heart beats together with all four modules, your organization will be healthy as a strong and dynamic human being.

The beating heart of every organization

In our recent blog post, we covered the evolution of knowledge transfer between people throughout the years. At Tuqqi, we believe that the business world is changing in the way that it consumes and uses knowledge. The latest report by McKinsey found that a single knowledge worker wastes around 2 hours every day searching for knowledge inside the organization. Our goal is to fix this problem by making knowledge chase the employee and not the other way around. In this blog post, we are proud to share our customer's stories and the theory behind the making of our platform.

When we built the Tuqqi platform, we met with many executives and knowledge workers. We tried to understand what is the knowledge that the employees of our customers need to make them more productive.

We found that different organizations – from startups, big construction companies, and substantial technological enterprises all have one common ground; we call it “the beating heart of the organization.”

Surprisingly 80% of the daily activity of the organization is being done on 4 modules, precisely like the four chambers of the heart ♥️.

The four modules are:

1. Projects - the what. Projects are the things that the organization is doing; Managing customers, delivery, services, new leads, operations, and much more.

2. Knowledge - the how. How we move our projects forward every day; How to onboard a new customer; How to service a customer;

3. Communication - the gap closer. Communication is the way to bridge between what we do to how we do it.

4. Social/network & updates - who is doing what. How we progress and update our employees over time.

We do realize that every organization is using many other platforms and modules, but they represent only 20% of the daily activity of knowledge in the organization.

The theory is simple. If your organizational heart beats together with all four modules, your organization will be healthy as a strong and dynamic human being.

One of the challenges in today's emerging technological era is the vast amount of products pumping the chambers of our organization, but missing the synchronization between them.

As a consequence, we can see solutions in specific modules like projects management tools, knowledge management platforms, communication apps, and social networks for work. In all of the above we can find great products, however they leave the job of connecting between them to the organizations and employees.

As an outcome of the above, we took those four modules and built them under one platform, that synchronize the beating heart and push blood (knowledge/data) accurately to all parts of the body (organization), to help the organs (employees) be much more productive.

Furthermore, the heart is not only the fundamental organ for the life of a living being but also represents an example for the whole body. The perfect functioning of the heart encourages all the organs to work better, and the health of the entire body will have considerable advantages.

We designed our platform in the same way, making the most of every feature, and allowing every other tool to work in the best way together.

Companies that have a heart in perfect condition are more dynamic, performing, able to adapt to market and customer research, generating higher turnover.

We have made the best heart possible, and we are sure that it will pump work and productivity into organizations all over the world!

Entrepreneur & tech leader. Bachelor of LL.B. & B.A. Major in the IDF. years in the startup industry

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