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Tuqqi in the Israeli AI startup map

Daniel Benabou

Tuqqi in the Israeli AI startup map

We are proud to be covered in the Israeli startup map, that has been published by Daniel Singer in Medium.

The artificial intelligence industry is expected to be worth $59.8 billion by 2025, and the term AI has become ubiquitous worldwide; the frenzy of many tech enthusiasts, or the topic of discussion at a dinner table. But the hype actually lives up to its name. AI startups are flush with VC cash and even key corporate leaders are actively utilizing the technology to add value and gain a competitive edge.

That is in fact amazing, how organizations understand today that the AI power using advance machine learning and NLP technologies can fully automate the way we manage our daily knowledge at work.

Being a part of the Israeli startup industry is a great honour, we love the fact that we are surrounded by great minds, that holds the vision to make our world more productive in every aspect of life.

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