Your Work Environment, Core Platforms & Professional Tools

Most businesses today utilize professional tools to increase productivity and efficiency, but we have a new solution -- a core platform tailored for you.

Your Work Environment, Core Platforms & Professional Tools

Your employees manage a spread of daily tasks and they work passionately to deliver the results you wish to see each month. While their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, it’s not the only element that’s needed to ensure that productivity and efficiency standards are in harmony.

In order for your employees to work to their full potential, they need to be provided with the proper tools and resources to get the job done well. Without the proper technology in place, they’ll struggle to meet the growing demands of your clients -- no matter how hard they work.

This is where you need to be careful, though. Businesses will come across two different types of technologies designed to improve the way their employees operate -- professional tools and core platforms. Ensuring you deploy the right technology is essential to the future growth of your business.

What Are Professional Tools?

Professional tools are what most business owners have become accustomed to using over the past few decades. Also called productivity tools, these are designed to be used by individual employees or small teams to improve the efficiency of a specific task. 

For example, you can think of WhatsApp as a professional tool that improves communication between team members. On the other hand, you might use something like Google Drive, another professional tool, to manage all your company’s documents.

Businesses used to thrive off the use of professional tools because they gave their employees the proper resources to succeed. Unfortunately, these tools never took into account the rest of your team and likely didn’t improve organized collaboration efforts between departments.

Consider all the times you had to open Google Drive to grab a document, then open a messaging service to send that document to the right employee. Chances are you also had a separate professional tool to manage daily tasks, which had to be opened as well to double-check. As helpful as productivity tools are, you can start to see how many challenges they create when they’re decentralized. 

What Is a Core Platform?

Core platforms are different. They’re an all-in-one solution designed to be used by your entire company to improve the way your employees operate, collaborate, and perform. 

Core networking platforms allow you to live chat with employees (even have video calls), manage the progress of both daily tasks and long-term objectives, fetch business reports, secure documents, keep track of employees, and so much more -- all under one roof. 

No more opening up three different software programs, no more wasting precious time in the day, and no more sacrificing productivity or efficiency in the workplace. 

The Growing Need for a Core Platform

Let’s say you need to reach out to a team member to ask them a question -- where do you go to complete that? Let’s say you just received a signed document from a client and want to secure it with the rest of that client’s files -- where do you go? 

If you didn’t have the same answer for both of those questions, then it’s time to consider transitioning from using a spread of professional tools to using a core platform. The difference is crucial to the success of your company and results in more efficient work from your employees. 

When building a house, you don’t just grab the hammer -- you grab the entire toolbox. That’s the same mindset you need to have when exposing your employees to the proper tools and resources needed. Don’t give them each a hammer, give them each the toolbox. 

You’ll find that your employees are able to freely work together or individually and aren’t limited in what they can do. You’ll finally start to see your company reach its full potential and it’s something that won’t go unnoticed with potential customers. 

When you’re ready to start implementing technology tailored to meet your business’ needs, you can trust Tuqqi. With everything you need in one core platform, the opportunities are endless. Contact us today to learn more!

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