Company Social Updates

Use Template

Create and visualize your internal-social posts in one single place.

All new company social updates are reviewed in this feed

Here is an example of a feed object with a survey and article

Here's an example of an article with comments from different employees

A process for publishing new updates

The Story Behind This Template

Your colleagues deserve to know about every little thing that happens at your company every day. Using the template offered by Tuqqi, ensure that this process is well managed.

You will find the posts displayed in a feed format. More or less formal and significant news can be shared with your colleagues. Interact with them, ask them questions and polls, post news, whatever you think it applies.

You can also assign the labels you consider necessary. Always keep in mind that it is a 100% customizable template. 

The most important point is to create and visualize all your internal-social posts in one single place.

Manage your internal communication efficiently and ensure you all are aligned.

The Benefits

  • Post everything your company should know in one single group.
  • Ensure your internal communication is well managed.
  • Interact with your company members, share news, make them be part.