Document Management

Use Template

Easy-handle all the documentation in one single and organized view

An overview of document management organized by departments

Report view of all tasks with labels and statuses

Searching by label and type in a report view

Here is an example of a document task with a title and description

The Story Behind This Template

Managing all the documentation for your company may be stressful. But with this new template that the Tuqqi team has created, you can store, upload, and handle all your docs in one single and organized place.

Create and attach all the files you consider your managers should access and assign them status, a label, and all the required data. Certificates, agreements, all the paperwork now is in an organized view. Find them with a robust search and filter tool, and make sure all the pertinent people in your company have access to the group.

Use this template whenever you need to create, upload, find or visualize any document related to your company.

It's time to focus on what matters, don't waste time on the paperwork.

The Benefits

  • Manage all your documents in one single place. Don´t lose them.
  • Only give access to the proper teammates. Documentation may be sensitive data.
  • Create, upload, find or visualize all the needed documents.