Consulting - Client Inquiries

Use Template

Get all your clients and their inquiries in one organized place

Overview of Consulting inquiries organized by progress

An example of a Consulting inquiry linked to a customer card, inquiry details and relevant attachments

Customers' cards in one report include company size, ID number, and tax number

Calendar view of a month's task

The Story Behind This Template

Get all your clients and their inquiries in one organized place. Track them efficiently and reach your goals as a consulting company.

This is an organizational template for consultants and consulting companies to track their clients, inquiries, and data relevant to the growth of their business.

It will help you to manage your business without losing your mind. Everything will be organized and easier to handle. It will let you track all your consulting & accounting clients, their basic data, their inquiries, and other details that you need. Additionally, track whether any inquiries are being worked on for your clients. With everything organized in a centralized place, you'll be able to stay organized and avoid missing important details.

With these tools, you will be able to manage your consulting business more effectively.

The Benefits

  • Get an overview of all the inquiries you´re working on for your clients.
  • Manage your client´s cards and check if you´re currently working for them.
  • Organize all your inquiries and clients by assigning labels.