Employees Management

Use Template

Track all your employees and their evaluation in one single template

Reports showing all employees and their statuses

An overview of all employees based on their status

The employee's evaluation contains all the information needed and is linked to the appropriate employee card

By selecting all VP managers in the search function, results are narrowed down

The Story Behind This Template

With this template, it will be easy to find your employees' information: see in which statuses they are, what department they belong to, which is their level, and, of course, personal and contact data. You can also find their evaluation data, quarter by quarter and their next steps. Everything is in two simple groups and organized and easy-to-use views.

This can be especially useful when you need to know if your employees are working or on leave for any reason, as well as their area, their title, phone number, mail address, and more details. Add the labels you consider needed, such as their department, their level, or if they are about to be promoted. In the other group, find the year evaluation, all the details, rate your employee performance and track their next steps.

Ensure your HR team has the information they need to succeed in their work.

The Benefits

  • Manage all your employees' data in one single place.
  • Quick and easy view evaluation management.
  • Link the employee data and performance easily