New Employee Onboarding

Use Template

Track the onboarding process of all your new joiners

The process of onboarding new employees in the company, including their status

The onboarding process for new employees

Incoming rules of check lists and progress reports are part of the onboarding process for new employees

Reports showing the progress and status of all new employees onboarding

The Story Behind This Template

Any organization needs to be unified and aligned with all its members and work as a big team. It may be a problem when new people join and don´t know your culture and the way you work. With this template, it´s going to be easier and better. Make sure your all-new company members are on the same page.

On this template, you can track all the needed activities and lectures from your new employees. Once they go on their onboarding process week by week, automatically new tasks will be added to your checklist. You can also add the proper notes and evaluations so you can consult them whenever you need them.

After they complete the onboarding process, they will understand the company culture and have a successful career path.

The Benefits

  • Be sure that new joiners understand how is working in your company after they complete the onboarding process.
  • Track the onboarding process during all the statuses.
  • Comment and evaluate internally about each one of your new joiners.