General Updates

Use Template

Share all the general updates easily with your company members

All new general company updates are reviewed in this feed

Here is an example of a company update that must be confirmed by employees

The red update at the top of the feed must be read and confirmed

All writing options (file, image, article, etc.) are available here.

The Story Behind This Template

Communication is elementary for a company to work. With this template, you can ensure that all your members know what they need to know. If you need confirmation that they have read your post, you can use the Read & Confirm option. You can also attach any file you consider and add all the labels you want.

Sharing news and updates with your colleagues will be more effective with this simple template. Now you're not having misunderstandings and your teammates will be all on the same page.  

You will be updated in real-time on the latest developments impacting your organization daily.

Use this template whenever you want to share relevant news to your colleagues, which is related to the work of everyone in the organization.

The Benefits

  • You can ask for mandatory read confirmation of your items (Read & Confirm), so that posts are read by everyone and not forgotten.
  • Regular updates help ensure that you can share the most accurate information with your colleagues.
  • Diversified information: you can share files, links, documents, press releases, etc.