Community Center - Consulting Management

Use Template

Track your community inquiries and provide the ideal service

Overview of the process of handling new inquiries in the community center

Typical consulting task including all client information.

The student portfolio contains all information about the student

View of all educators, including their status and labeling

The Story Behind This Template

A community is formed when a group of people with a common interest or need gets together. Different conversation threads are created in the community, a productive dialogue, connections are formed between people who did not know each other before, and have a common bond. Manage mates and their inquiries solidly to ensure that your community prospers and grows more and more. View your community partners' profile details to know who is consulting you and track their queries on your user-friendly Kanban.

Keep focused and organized with this template and track your community inquiries. Get a follow-up report about the status of the inquiries and help your organization grow by using this template.

The Benefits

  • All inquiries can be managed in one place
  • Making decisions easier
  • Find out what the popular service your organization should offer