Inquiries Management (NGO)

Use Template

Centrally manage your people queries in one single place

Inquiries ​are categorized by progress and status in an overview

Detailed information about an inquiry task

All inquiries are displayed with their status, age, gender, and label in a report view.

Calender view of daily tasks by hours

The Story Behind This Template

When you are an NGO at the service of everyone, what you most need to do is to manage inquiries in an organized way in order to respond correctly. Don´t worry, the solution for that already exists and you can find it on this Inquiries Management for NGOs that the Tuqqi team has created.

The objective of this template is to receive the queries that people make through a form to become potential beneficiaries of your NGO. Track their status on a simple Kanban view. Add the needed labels and see them easily. Find all the information you need in each item, such as the personal information, data about the query, and more details you´d need.

You can use this template whenever you need to manage and process multiple inquiries from people interested in your NGO's work.

The Benefits

  • An automatic card will be created in Tuqqi for every query using an external form.
  • Classify requests by service type and forward them to the appropriate department.
  • Find out where the requests come from. It will allow you to determine which social network receives the most attention.