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Store all your knowledge about your Real Estate company to manage it

Topic-based wiki display for Real Estate

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The Story Behind This Template

This template allows you to store all your articles and knowledge about your Real Estate company to manage efficiently your contracts and relationship with tenants and owners.

A group is a user-friendly format to store and share documents about the best practices and tips to work with your tenants and owners, how to attract them and information related to the contracts.

You can use this template each time you need relevant information for your Real Estate company to increase your deals. Your team will have access to valuable information so they can work more efficiently, get better results, and have the best relationship with the owners and the tenants.

The Benefits

  • Make sure everyone in your company is aligned.
  • Guarantee the best service: improve the relationship with your owners and tenants.
  • Manage all information in one easy-to-use place.