Logistics - Deliveries Management

Use Template

All your transports and deliveries statuses in an organized place

One view of all deliveries, categorized by progress

The delivery task includes product duties and is linked to the transformation request

Report containing all transport information, including type and capability

A comparison of all transport methods based on their availability

The Story Behind This Template

Managing a logistics company is not an easy task. To coordinate several transports and deliveries while meeting the estimated date and time is quite a challenge. No worries: with this Delivery Management template, it will be very easy and will have no issues.

Manage your logistic company with few groups and simple views. All your transports and deliveries statuses are in an organized place. This template will be helpful to track all your deliveries with the place and date of departure and arrival, the quantity, the product description, and all the details you´ll need. Also manage your transports: track if they are available or not (and the reason), so you can use them when you need them.

Now managing a logistics company is an easy task

The Benefits

  • Track all the deliveries and their proper status in one place.
  • Visualize easily where and how are your transports.
  • Get and manage an organized logistics company.