Meeting Summary

Use Template

Schedule all your meetings and program the derived tasks

Meeting summaries are organized according to their status and time

An example of a team meeting summary that includes links to specific tasks

This report provides an overview of all meetings that were held

An example of a task associated with a meeting, including relevant attachments

The Story Behind This Template

Often, after any team meeting, you agree on some tasks to be done, but they remain unfinished for whatever reason. With this Meeting Summary Template you can record what has been discussed and create the pending activities on the board, so everybody can track and archive them, and you can avoid misunderstandings.

The objective is to schedule and summarize each work team meeting. Based on the results of the meetings, you will be able to create tasks that you will manage in an interconnected way.

The template can be used every time you meet with your team and you come up with new tasks related to your company's operation.

This is the best option to take collective notes, shared with your teammates.

The Benefits

  • To help you and your team members remember important details that were revealed during the meeting.
  • To create tasks instantly within Tuqqi, at the end of the meeting or during the course of the meeting.
  • To fully track the status of tasks and their priority order.