Event Planning

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Plan any perfect event without missing a detail

Overview of the Event Planning process based on current status

The following example shows how an event is planned, including the approval process

Task overview of Event Planning based on status

An overview of all event tasks with due dates

The Story Behind This Template

An event is all about planning the logistics and details. There is a wide variety of sizes, complexity, and purpose for events. Events can be held in person, virtually, or be both.

The management of an event is a time-consuming process and requires interacting with many teams and vendors. A long list of tasks is involved in planning an event, including event marketing, securing sponsors, finding venues, developing a branding campaign, building a website for the event, and more.

To plan an event, there are a few basics. Every event is unique and serves a different purpose. The number of factors determines how one event differs from another, from its type to its size. The event planning template will give you a place to start.

The Benefits

  • Using the event planning template will help you plan and organize new events.
  • Track each task, control previous events, and keep feedback history.
  • Collect feedback from the different agents involved in the event, to consider for future occasions and know how to improve.