Recruitment - Applicant Tracker

Use Template

Plan your talent acquisition in one centralized place

A report view includes the status and label of all open positions

Applications are categorized by progress and status in an overview

The applicant files include all pertinent information and progress

This is an example of how an applicant progressed to the second interview with an attached CV

The Story Behind This Template

By using this recruitment template, you can plan your talent acquisition from start to finish in one centralized place.

Whether you're a small business recruiting a few new team members or an HR department deploying a high-velocity recruitment process for hundreds of openings, this template is simple yet powerful enough to manage the entire hiring process.

Allow hiring managers to easily manage talent acquisition with an intuitive applicant tracking system that displays updated statuses for all candidates. Automatically record all relevant contact information for new recruits in an employee directory for HR professionals to reference throughout the year. Keep track of each applicant’s previous employment history, candidate experience, job application, cover letter, and where they stand at any time in the recruiting process.

The Benefits

  • Optimize the recruitment process.
  • Centralize new employee information.
  • Track all the employment history.