Recurring Taxes Payment

Use Template

Keep your customers' tax payments up to date

Recurring Taxes Payments are categorized according to due dates and labelled by the employee who delivered them

An example of a Recurring Taxes Payments task including attachments and contact information

An example of contact information with address shown on a map

An overview of all Recurring Taxes Payments tasks and their status is provided with the due date and completion date.

The Story Behind This Template

Paying financial taxes could be a headache, more even if you don´t track them. Every period (month or year) your customers must pay them and your company needs to keep them tracked, so you can focus on what matters and not waste time on boring paperwork.

The purpose of this template is to order and keep up to date the recurring tax payments of your customers to ensure their financial success.

Use this template every time a client needs recurring payment of a financial tax or similar, for a certain period.

Your kanban template is ready to be used. Every month or year you can add the needed items and assign the labels you want to.

The Benefits

  • Keeping up to date and not forgetting any tax payments from customers.
  • Attach payment vouchers, invoices and more in the system.
  • Healthy customer relations. Increased customer satisfaction