Students Files (CRM)

Use Template

Easily keep track of your students in your Ed-organization

A list of all student files organized by status and study area

An overview of all student files organized by status

All student information is contained in a student file

Use the report view's search function to narrow down results by junior biology students

The Story Behind This Template

Store all important information and files in one workspace. Student tracking can be a difficult and tedious process. Finding the ideal student tracking method is something educators deal with at every level. The student files template provides a centralized, easy-to-use students tracking system for your Ed-system.

The customizable student tracking system allows authorized members to track students of your school, university, or educational organization year and view all information that they will need.

The student file includes the student's name, educational history, telephone number, email address, and any other information relevant to the student across an array of channels so that information can be accessed more easily. You can also attach any files you need, such as their certificates or diplomas.

The Benefits

  • Keeping student details in a central location.
  • Using a powerful search engine and issuing reports.
  • Following up on student progress.