Donations Tracker

Use Template

Boost your fundraising and maximize your relationships with donors

Organizes all donations in one view and categorizes them according to status

Detailed example of a donor task

Information about the donation and its attachments

Donation tasks organized into a single report

The Story Behind This Template

It is always important to have a good relationship with your donors and ensure the proper management of their contributions to your cause. Always remember that they are the key that makes your NGO work.

The purpose is to manage all of your donor data in one place and keep up-to-date with the status of all donations received.

Use this template whenever you want to manage the status of different amounts of money or resources sent by other people or organizations to help the day-to-day work of your NonProfit Organization.

You´ll find in the form all the donor and donation data that will be especially helpful for your tracker. You can give them an internal status, such as Received, In progress, "Thank you" letter, Complied or whatever you need. Also, assign the applied label for tagging your items.

The Benefits

  • Direct the amounts of money to the most important areas of your organization.
  • Enhance your relationships with your donors.
  • Guarantee the transparency of the money received by keeping up to date the status of your donations.