Volunteer Tracking

Use Template

Store your volunteers' information and manage new potential candidates

Organizes all volunteers in one view and categorizes them according to status

A detailed example of a volunteer's task

Tasks related to volunteers grouped into one report

An overview of a schedule day's tasks on the calendar

The Story Behind This Template

Make sure the people collaborating in your nonprofit organization are ideal. Track all your volunteers in one single and organized workplace.

With this template, you´ll be able to store the database of all old, current, and future volunteers in a simple and secure way.

This template will be useful every time you want to interview a person who is interested in working for your NGO. Use our form to get all the volunteer needed information, such as contact data and interview details. You can also access Kanban for watching their specific statuses for all of them, and the labels to visualize easily any tag you´d like to add. Then, you can focus on finding the perfect volunteers.

The Benefits

  • Store in one place all the information of your volunteers throughout their stay in the NGO.
  • Have up-to-date information about the areas in which the volunteer is working.
  • Manage in an orderly manner the scheduling of interviews to analyze all potential candidates to join your NGO.