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Non Profit

Flexible for non profit organizations from all types. Manage contacts, operations, issues and knowledge distribution among volunteers and employees. Craft your own workflows and boost the productivity of the entire team.
"With Tuqqi internal workflows became easy and intuitive, we more focused then ever in our goals"
Ran Shalhavi
VP Operation, LGTB Israel
Manage Investors
Manage Cases
Management Visibility
Volunteers Training
Knowledge Center
Simple to use
One platform
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The perfect way to centralized all the knowledge and employees of the municipality. The new era of an organizational portal with a knowledge center, pre-made forms, events, employee page, and updates on daily activity.
"We used to run everything on an old organizational portal, spending money on consultants. With Tuqqi, the employees are more productive, and we are saving a lot of money every month."
Employee Page
New Portal
Easy Training
Knowledge Center
Simple Customization
No External Consultant
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Changing the world is a difficult task, startups need to focus on making an impact and not with losing knowledge, and lack of productivity. All-in-one platform, to manage your customers, projects, knowledge with chat and communication is precisely the way to focus on the important goals of the company.
"How easy is the fact that you are a customer of yourself. Tuqqi is running solely on Tuqqi, and we never felt so productivity."
Daniel Benabou
Head of Operations, Tuqqi
Team Wiki
Daily Operations
Suppliers Tracking
Investors Relations
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Corporate Team

Working in a corporate holds many advantages; with that in mind, the daily workflows can be a bit slow. In every corporate, some teams need to move fast. With integration to the corporate eco-system and flexible individual virtual working space, the tip of the organizational arrow can get much better results.
"The combination of Ashtrom as an enterprise with a system like Tuqqi enables us to increase our sales capabilities and significantly increases the salesperson’s ability to reach every customer."
Guy Haimovich
VP Sales, Israbeton of Ashtrom
Lead Management
Location based Leads
Live Feed
Knowledge Sharing
Team Updates
Tailored Workflow
Task Automations
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Consulting Group

Working closely every day with customers requires 100% focus at all times. A happy customer is a custom the refers you to others. The consultant always needs to know everything that the groups know, and nothing should slip out from the current project activity. You need a platform to keep track of your current customer activity, but also being connected to your group.
"We centralize and decentralize every day. Our teams work with customers, keep track of projects and activities, and fed with knowledge from the whole group."
Yoav Faingold
CEO, CoralIS
Knowledge Sharing
Project Management
Work Groups
Live Feed
Files & Documents
Simple Onboarding
Knowledge Auto Tagging
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Marketing Agency

Work can be a messy business; many files saved in different places, endless knowledge spread around. Virtual working space is your single source of truth, where you get inspired by others and share and keep your work and daily activity.
"We found Tuqqi when we started the agency. The platform helped us taking things off the ground by being simple and intuitive."
Noa Shechter
CEO, SpreadtIt
Simple to use
Build anything
Work Groups
Inspire other colleagues
One Platform
Mobile & Web
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