Gantt & Project Management

Simplify your complex projects

Use the Gantt  to plan, manage, and track your project. This view allows you to visualize start and end dates, phases, milestones, tasks, and their assignees in an organized and efficient way. It helps you to stay on top of the progress and status of your project.

Manage multiple projects at the same time
Check out your project time-line
Quickly visualize your project progress
Work together with your team
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Use tasks, timelines & dependencies

Using the Gantt or item view, you can easily see which projects and tasks are dependent on each other and change a task's start and end dates as needed. This helps you to manage the dependencies and timeline of your project effectively.

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Milestones are important in the planning, execution, and evaluation of projects. By setting and clearly visualizing milestones, you can keep track of them and use them as a reference to guide your work. This helps you to stay on track and achieve your project goals.