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Forms can be accessed from various locations, such as groups, feeds, notifications, chat, the action center, your page, and other items. This allows you to easily access and review the information you need.

Build multiple custom forms
Use customize fields in the form
Use external links to gather data from external user
Manage & governance your organizational data
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External Forms

Users who do not have access to the platform can create items using an external link configured in each group. End users can complete the form, and Tuqqi handles the rest of the process. This allows users to create items and contribute to the platform even if they do not have direct access to it.

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Customize as you need

Admins have the ability to customize the forms they use and decide which fields, such as due date, rating, automatic title, file attachments, checklists, calculated fields, locations, and others, to include. They can also track the time spent on each task. This allows admins to tailor the forms and data to meet the specific needs of their team and projects.