Customer's Task Management

Use Template

Manage your Marketing Agency tasks in one simple but secured place

An overview of customer tasks categorized by status

Marketing task example with attachments and label provided by status and due date

An overview of all marketing tasks with due date and rating displayed in a report

The marketing task schedule in a calendar view

The Story Behind This Template

A marketing or advertising agency develops, plans, and manages advertising and other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. For doing that, being organized is everything. Track and manage your tasks most easily. You'll thank us.

The perfect tool for you and your team to keep track of all your marketing activities (perhaps a loyalty program or a new promotion program), plan a calendar of marketing channels (social media, in-person, radio, or even television), and put these ideas into action with precision.

With this Marketing Task Management, you can follow the proper status for each activity: even if they are approved or any change is required.

Of course, you can create and add all labels you consider just to adjust to your needs.

The Benefits

  • Manage your customer's marketing tasks, control of all customer tasks according to their status.
  • Save time is not wasted on unnecessary meetings and checks.
  • In each task, a delegation of roles allows collaboration between all the teams involved.