Task Management

Use Template

Order and visualize your tasks in an efficient manner

Each Task is categorized by its status and labeled by priority

Here is an example of a task, complete with attachments

The report provides an overview of all tasks and their status

Using the calendar, you can see all your tasks for the next month, which assists in preparing by schedule

The Story Behind This Template

The goal of this process is to identify and prioritize the tasks that must be accomplished in your organization, about your work processes, and report on their progress.

Use the Task Management template any time you have to keep track of a particular task, its status, and the people involved by using this template.
Assign each item status and any labels you deem appropriate, such as priority, urgency, or impact level. Assign the tasks to an owner, so everyone is clear on their work. Collaborate with your teammates in a real-time Kanban board.

Maximize your processes and minimize your efforts, using this Task Management template all the activities will be done and you´ll be able to track the results. Welcome to the Future of Work!

The Benefits

  • Prioritize your tasks based on their importance.
  • Include the people involved in the completion of the tasks.
  • Know the status of tasks, and the remaining steps to completion, instantly.