Competitor Tracking

Use Template

Track all the information about your retail competitor to be better

Report showing all competitors by status, target audience, and rating

View of all competitors categorized by status

The task of tracking competitors with all their relevant information

Using the search function to narrow down the results in the report view

The Story Behind This Template

All your competitors (direct, indirect, potential) impact your company. Keep an eye on them. For focusing on where it matters, you should track all the relevant information about your retail competitor in one simple and easy-to-use place.

This template is to manage all your competitors' information that will help your company to be better every day.

You can find your competitor data regarding the type of retail, the target audience, the customer success, pricing evaluation, and the strengths and weaknesses they have in terms of customer rating. Evaluate if they are direct, indirect, or potential competitors. With this simple and robust template, you can be better and make your market come out on top.

The Benefits

  • Will be one step ahead of the competitor.
  • Keep an eye on the relevant information of your competitor.
  • Prevent the impact they have on your retail company.