Tracking of Legal Cases

Use Template

Track all the legal affairs and clients data to satisfy your customers

Overview of all legal cases categorized by progress

Example of a legal service task linked to a customer card with all the relevant files attached

Legal status reports for all services

The tasks for the week are shown in a calendar view

The Story Behind This Template

It exists a legal cases tracker, and it's ready to be used. Manage legal timelines to suit your needs and increase customer satisfaction.

The purpose of this template is to keep track of the multiple legal services that may be requested by the same client in an orderly manner. Each case can be tracked and will have different labels to track all the details and needed information. Select the type of legal case to be performed and all the tasks you need to do with the corresponding due date. Also, you can manage your customer contacts cards and see all the legal services regarding them.

Use this template every time you have an agreement with a new client to manage their legal affairs. You will classify the information in a single individual client portfolio, attaching all the contact information of the client.

The Benefits

  • Link together complex client portfolios with all of the legal tasks and activities associated with that client.
  • Safeguarding and proper classification of sensitive customer information.
  • Store important contact information of clients and their direct employees, who request different legal services.