Store Audit

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Make sure your stores are compliant with your standards.

Store audits are classified according to their status

Here is an example of a Store audit task with attachments

Store audit report that includes store locations and task dates

Store audit tasks are organized by month in a calendar

The Story Behind This Template

Retail markets and business processes change with time. While store audits might seem like a dated way to track your operations, as your sales channels grow and get more complex, it's important to keep on top of what's going on in your retail business. A store audit measures the health of your retail location based on hard data. The retailers, employees, or third parties collect information about what's working and what's selling.

Store audits are one way to ensure you have the best possible display experience in your stores since not having enough stock in store and not having the shelves set up properly can lead to a poor customer experience. Use this template to help with the process.

The Benefits

  • Inconsistencies in visual merchandising, in-store presentation, and brand compliance.
  • Identifying operational and maintenance issues within the store.
  • Establishing best practices that can be shared with other sites.