CRM - Customer Management

Use Template

Manage the best relationship with your customers

View of all tasks for a specific customer categorized by progress

In this example, the new task includes the status, the priority label, the due date, and the customer information.

Report view of all customers including contact information

The calendar view of a month's due tasks

The Story Behind This Template

By managing all contracts and tasks in one location, we maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with active and inactive customers. Use this template to get started.

Keep all the information needed about your customers and the tasks that concern them in one place with an easy-to-use and customizable template.
Maintain complete visibility into all contact-related information in one view. Increase your sales team’s efficiency, streamline their process for securing new customers and gain the tools you need to build more effective customer relationships.

With this template, you will be able to organize your customers, their contracts, and all the information you need, clearly and concisely. It´s time to get the best relationship with them.

The Benefits

  • Easily manage all your customers in one place.
  • Organize all the tasks associated with the customer's account.
  • Improve customer relations by focusing on their needs.