Orders Management

Use Template

Track orders from initial request to final delivery

Overview of all new orders and their classification by status

A new order task with all the necessary information

The second stage of the order process includes shipping information and attachments

View of all new orders by status, including quantity and order number

The Story Behind This Template

Order management describes the process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders. Begin when an order is placed and ends when the package is delivered to the customer. This template can help you to make this process simpler but secure. Automation and synchronicity mean fewer opportunities for error.

You can manage all customer orders in one place with the order management template. You can follow an order from the moment it is purchased by the customer until it is delivered - and even when it is returned. Manage and automate everything necessary for customers to receive their orders on time and in good condition. Optimize the process to be better every day and ensure all the orders are where they are supposed to be. Now it´s easier with this Order Management template!

The Benefits

  • Ensure your customers receive what they ordered
  • Optimize your process to be faster and better with your Kanban view
  • Improve your relationship with your customers by delivering on time