Internal Claims

Use Template

Manage all claims from different areas of your company

Organizes all internal complaints in one view and categorizes them according to status

A detailed example of an internal complaints task

Internal complaints are grouped into one report

Sorting the report with fanfiction

The Story Behind This Template

Your company must be healthy to achieve its goals. For them, your employees should communicate their claims, doubts, and complaints in an agile and easy way. Then, handling those requests with this template will make your company grow in the best possible way.

You will be able to fully track and resolve all issues arising from employee reports regarding different general problems in your company, which may impede its proper operation.

Use the Internal claims template when you receive different complaints from your employees referring to general problems in your company, and you want to manage their solution in one place.

By using this template, you can provide a simple request form for all requests. This helps your team track and oversee all incoming requests and tickets in one centralized workflow that can be organized by category, such as need, suggestion, infrastructure, etc. Or by status, such as accepted, in progress, approved, etc.

The Benefits

  • Correct work harmony among all employees.
  • Increased productivity: Employees will be satisfied knowing that they are listened to and their problems are solved.
  • Thinking of proactive actions to face certain recurring problems that may arise.