Social Media Content

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Boost the impact of your social media content by managing your posts

An overview of social media content based on media channel

Here is an example of a post-task that includes a contact strategy link and relevant attachments

A report showing all social media content tasks

A contact strategy task example

The Story Behind This Template

Let's maximize your team’s potential for success, having all you need well in advance of each publish date. It is about increasing the impact of your posts on social media with this template.

Use this template to organize your content agenda and strategy for social media, blogging, and advertising. Your customized plan will incorporate a content calendar for all of your platforms—blog, web presence, social media, eNewsletters—and let you know how often to post across each platform based on your target audience.

Content planning becomes simple with this template as you can customize everything to fit your team's specific needs.
With so many social channels requiring scheduled posts and types of content, this template is to help you with coordinating all content agendas and planning your performance in social media.

The Benefits

  • Engage with your audience through a variety of channels and mediums.
  • Marketing helps businesses find new customers and reach new ones.
  • Coordinate all content agendas and plan your performance.