Education - Applications Tracker

Use Template

Manage all the applications processes for your future students

All student applications are displayed together and categorized based on their status

Description of a student application task in detail

Attachments and additional information related to the application

An overview of all student applications in one report

The Story Behind This Template

For those educational establishments that need to track the application process of their potential students, find the best solution with this template. It has never been easier!

It doesn't matter if they want to study medicine or a sociology Ph.D., with this template you will have them all organized in a robust kanban view.

Make sure all your students pass the proper process to be part of your community. Follow up on the interviews, interests, educational background, academic level, and more of all those interested in entering an educational establishment and studying a particular course or career.

Use this template every time you need to manage your candidate's application process to become a student or not. Get all the information in one easy-to-use place, and don't miss anything.

The Benefits

  • Know in detail the profile of the candidates and evaluate their candidacy in an objective manner.
  • Have control of all cases and status of applications for taking the right decision.
  • Quickly connect the applications with the teachers who will follow each case and interview the student.