Quality Control

Use Template

Manage your quality controls with this completed form and Kanban

This is an overview of all quality controls organized by month

A quality control task example including label status

An example of a quality control task with all relevant attachments

A map showing the locations of all stores.

The Story Behind This Template

What distribution company does not want to provide a quality service? The best and easiest way to do it is with this simple and robust tracker offered by this Tuqqi template.

Using this template, you can start ensuring the effectiveness of your business by providing quality services and products.

You will find a Kanban view in the group where you can view the results of all inspections conducted across your company's locations. Each item is a quality control with its general information, some questions that the controller must respond to, final fields for the conclusion, and the possibility to attach pictures of the control. You can also customize each item with all the labels you want.

This template is useful if you need to perform a quality inspection and control the status of your products.

The Benefits

  • Perform quality inspections and share information instantly with colleagues.
  • Enhance your company's competitive advantage.
  • Improve your customers' satisfaction.