IT Requests

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Streamline your IT department's operations

Organizes all IT requests in one view and categorizes them according to status

An example IT request with all fields included

All IT requests and problems categorized in one report

View of a week's tasks on a calendar

The Story Behind This Template

The purpose of this template is to organize all the requests for technical services to the IT department, raised by different employees and areas of your company.

You can keep track of all IT requests across your organization. Track ticket statuses, assign the right team members and resolve tickets faster by viewing every request as it arrives.

The process is simple: anybody in your company completes the form and submit it, then your IT team will have it on their Kanban board and start working on it. Your IT area will be able to assign the needed labels and add information, such as resolution date, type of request, or priority.

Welcome the requirements, make it easy to manage them with this template!

The Benefits

  • Centralization of all the company's technical requests in one place.
  • Enhance good relations between the IT Area and the rest of the company.
  • Provide high quality IT services that will guarantee efficient and effective work processes.