Organization's Goals and Tasks

Use Template

Plan your goals and tasks for the quarter and archive them

An overview of the Organization's quarterly goals

Overview of the Organization's first quarter goals

A new task example with all relevant information and attachments

Report view of all tasks with labels and statuses

The Story Behind This Template

If your idea doesn't have a plan, it is nothing more than an idea. When you manage the tasks, you will have a goal.

Correct planning and monitoring of the organization goals, objectives, and related tasks to meet in each quarter of the year is crucial to meet companies mission and vision.

Use this template to organize your organization's goals for each quarter and monitor the ongoing task for each objective in a comfortable way.

Just in two groups, you'll be able to track if you're reaching your goals and how are you doing it.

Use the organizational goals and tasks template any time you need to plan the year goals and objectives to meet in each quarter and on the other side, be able to control and monitor ongoing tasks for each goal.

The Benefits

  • Capability of great planning and organization.
  • Have a clear overview, monitoring, and control of each ongoing task for each goal.
  • Work in the base of the planned objectives to meet.