Procurement Request

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Evaluate, approve, track, do all you need about procurement requests

An overview of the procurement process and their classification by status

Here is an example of a procurement task that includes a read and confirm request

A procurement task that includes a read and confirm after approval is shown here

A report of all procurement requests with their amounts and statuses

The Story Behind This Template

The procurement process could be a difficult or an easy job. It depends if you´re using this Tuqqi template or not. With this specific template, you can manage all your purchasing processes, even if it is a one-time fee or not.

This template will help you and your procurement team to track all company requests. Track the prices, billing conditions, categories, and needed approvals in one group. Assign the proper status for each item and add the needed labels. Therefore, you'll be certain to not miss out on anything, and you'll also be able to manage your budget expenses.

Having all the assets and services you need is one of the keys that make your company work every day. Using this template is so much easier.

The Benefits

  • Be able to track all the procurement requests in one kanban view.
  • Don´t miss out on purchasing anything.
  • Control your budget expenses.