CRM - Leads Management

Use Template

Track your lead statuses to close more deals

Overview of all new lead processes categorized by progress

Lead opportunity task including label status and progress

Report view of all leads, including pricing and closing status

This week's tasks are shown in a calendar view

The Story Behind This Template

Organize your leads efficiently in one place so your sales team can focus on closing the deal with maximum visibility into the customer's journey and stay on top of all the lead generation activities.

This template allows you to organize all potential deals, thereby making the conversion process much easier. All tasks related to this process can be created and linked.

This template enables you to manage any sales pipeline, workflow, and business process that is needed to drive real business impact. Follow up with sales leads and send out specific offers or deal proposals. Use this template to keep track of sales activities as well as monitor each potential deal or close.

Drive sales growth and conversion optimization

The Benefits

  • Automated lead generation from different social media channels.
  • Make the sales process easier for your team.
  • Capture new prospects and manage lead generation.