Suppliers Database CRM

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Manage your suppliers well and keep track of everything you buy

An overview of the Suppliers database by location

An overview of a Suppliers card with all of the relevant information, including their location on a map

Orders are linked to the suppliers' cards

Reports of all Suppliers by status and products

The Story Behind This Template

The relationship with your suppliers is very important. To take care of it, surely this template created by the Tuqqi team will be very useful to you. Manage the database of your suppliers in an agile, safe and easy way.

Optimize the relationships with suppliers and the products or services they provide, generating an efficient workflow.

Using this template, you will be able to keep track of all your suppliers of different products that your organization requires. View all of them on a report, assign the location, the labels, and more details such as contact data, the product they sell to you, their address, and any attachment you consider proper.

Use this template whenever you need to manage relationships with new or existing logistics providers.

The Benefits

  • Managing suppliers by regions and the product type provided
  • Establish a competitive advantage over your competitors by maintaining smooth communication with your suppliers.
  • You can detect workflow failures quickly and address them efficiently and effectively with a global view of all suppliers.