Property & Investors Management

Use Template

Manage properties, investors, and tenants in one organized place.

Here we can see the status of each property

Full view of the property form

The details of the Investor and the Tenant are attached to the property

CRM layout of the properties - investors - tenants

The Story Behind This Template

With this template, you can manage your properties, investors, and tenants in one place. Be aware of your properties and contacts, and ensure that your entire team is aware of their status.

The purpose of real estate investment management is to maximize a property's value and return. As part of the property management process, property managers rent out the property to maximize its tenancy mix and rental income, execute marketing events and programs to attract shoppers and tenants, and maintain the property.

Tracking all the details about your property, investors, and tenants is easy with this template. By consolidating investor and tenant information, you can make better business decisions.

The Benefits

  • Better manage your properties - manage all properties and their related information in one place.
  • CRM - store all your investors' and tenants' records in one centralized database so you can manage it all with ease.
  • Evaluation of investments - tracking and categorizing investment mandates enables you to evaluate strategies in a way that is most aligned with your firm's objectives.